Babak, you are easily one of the most influential speakers I’ve had at my events. Your perspective on life as well as business is one that I want to keep around me for the rest of my life.

Ed O’Keefe

Traffic Mastery Live

Keynote #1

Why Marketers at Any Stage in their Lifecycle Need to be
Investing in Crafting Incredible Customer Experiences

An impactful talk (based on the book I’m writing about the same topic) that showcases the value towards scale, branding, and a business’ sustainability that comes from focusing on customer experience

Topics I typically cover:

  • Why “There’s never been an easier time to start a business” isn’t a good thing for anyone already in their business today
  • Why building a brand is invaluable, even if you’re “only” focused on building your business
  • How performance marketers can benefit from brand-building
  • Why it’s increasingly necessary to connect more deeply with your customer
  • The 4 primary categories where marketers can create incredible experiences for their customers, with specific examples of marketers doing an exemplary job
  • A framework for where and how to begin building incredible experiences for your customers (and within your organization)

Keynote #2

What Marketers Can Learn From Their 9-Figure Counterparts

Many 7- and 8-figure businesses look to their larger counterparts with awe and intimidation. And often with a sense that the bigger businesses have it easier and “figured-out.” The reality is that no one does. And yet those 9-figure businesses have worked through their challenges. What they learned while continuing to grow, as well as how they currently operate at scale, provides valuable lessons that can benefit all businesses.

This talk draws from my 8 years in helping to build Beachbody from $100 million in revenue to over $1 billion. Just as importantly, my recent years working with 8-figure clients helps ground this talk viscerally in the challenges my clients face each day.

Topics I typically cover:

  • Relentless focus on optimization
  • Org structure
  • Accountability
  • 2 Offers, 2 Channels
  • Analytics
  • Testing
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Risk diversification vs. consolidation
  • Hacks no more
  • Behaving like a grown-up business

Where I’ve spoken: