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Babak built an LTV model to measure the success of our acquisition strategies; and he put a framework together to optimize our CPAs. The analysis Babak provided has optimized our ad spend and decreased our CPAs by over 20%.


Pre-IPO we worked with Babak to help us launch our TV campaigns. His extensive experience and network accelerated our time to launch. TV became an important component of our growth, and we were glad we had Babak on our side as we navigated this new channel.


Babak led the strategy across all of our paid ads channels. Signups from paid ads jumped from 5% to 25% in just 6 months. We were getting 1,500 additional signups/month because of Babak. For us that meant an additional $1M+ in revenue each month.


We had struggled with paid customer acquisition in the past, but now we're seeing a 100%+ increase of new customers every month based on his guidance.


Babak's efforts have allowed us to level up our TV marketing with 150% year-over-year growth. His analytical prowess, agency management skills, and extensive experience allow him to both start channels from scratch as well as rapidly scale existing ones.


I spent 8 years at Beachbody, helping to build the business from $100 million to over $1 billion. I worked to build the analytics team and spent the last 5 years as SVP of Media & Customer Acquisition, where my teams managed over $500 million in media.


Babak not only has an understanding for the mechanics of a business but a keen sense of the customer’s experience and what I now view as the most important metric, LTV.


Babak's input helps guide WHEN we should focus on a project, and HOW. Things we might normally have figured out would have taken us a much longer time and with many more mistakes.


With TV budgets over $100 million in the Q4-2015, Fanduel's CMO knew that there were few people who have seen those levels of spend over any time period. I was brought in to help them in managing a huge and concentrated effort.


Babak is a businessman first and a marketer second. One of his first suggestions (which took us only 4 days to implement), is going to NET us $300K in 12 months. Needless to say, the initial investment of working with him has more than paid off.


Currently working with this industry leading CBD retailer on their digital activities, helping them with core acquisition and retention strategies, refining their customer analytics and helping them to build out their team.


Our business has increased multiple-fold during our time working with Babak, and having him on our side has been invaluable as we navigate the various (but good) challenges that come with that type of growth.

Hey there, I’m Babak Azad. And I never thought I would become a “marketer.” I mean, I was a math major at MIT, spent a bunch of years in investment banking in the 90s (that’s the 1990s for those of you keeping score at home…), and then I went to Stanford Business School. Finance? Sure. I even spent some time doing Leadership Development. I’ve always been an intense individual, having completed 2 Ironman triathlons, riding a bike across the country, and riding 43+ hours in a 508-mile bike race. So I guess I had some inclinations towards “grind-it-out” type of work.

But after failing at a magazine here in LA and then spending several years at Napster (the legal, public, and frankly not-sexy one), I got a lucky break from the only headhunter I knew. And somehow ended up getting an offer from Beachbody (P90X, Insanity, Shakeology). 8 years later, I had helped the company grow from $100MM to over $1 billion in revenues, in my roles in analytics and overseeing media & customer acquisition. It then became time to move on.


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My goal is to help my clients win. And if winning for you means building your business and your brand, then keep reading.

Let’s face it. We have all likely worked with a consultant and not gotten what we wanted out of the engagement. It’s all about results. That’s your aim. And it’s mine. You don’t spend over $500 million in media and acquire over 10 million customers if the results don’t measure up to performance goals. But that’s exactly what my teams did at Beachbody. And now over the past few years, I’ve helped numerous clients achieve 3x-5x growth (and more).

The reason I love what I do and why clients continue to work with me is that I am able to leverage my years of experience to deliver significant impact to their businesses. I will also make sure that we are aligned on your goals and expectations, as well as what I believe it will take to achieve them.

You can read what my clients have to say throughout the site, but categorically, these are the types of client outcomes I have delivered:


Whether to an audience of 3,000 or 30, my goal as a speaker is to deliver relevant, insightful and most importantly actionable content to your audience. I don’t believe in shiny objects or untested strategies or tools. Instead, my talks are based on first-hand experience, whether from my direct operational experience or from working with the clients you see on this site. Helping your audience think differently is crucial, but inspiring them and giving them the tools to take action is the true purpose. I will work with you to make sure that I understand your goals and those of your audience. And then it’s my expectation that I overdeliver to everyone.