I’m certainly not your average marketer. In many ways. You’ll quickly find that my background, experience, and approach are not the norm. It is this combination that has led to uncommon, above-average results for my clients.


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I’ll never forget coming home to my wife and son on November 13, 2013.

I walked in the front door and told my wife it was time for me to move on from a role that I had worked incredibly hard to succeed in.

I ran Media & Customer Acquisition for Beachbody, having helped the company grow from $100 million to over $1 billion in revenues. I had a wife, son, mortgage, and a very comfortable role (and comp), but it was time to move on.


I didn’t think it would take 16 months for that change to happen, but when you have the responsibilities I did (and don’t have $10 million in the bank), you have to manage certain decisions responsibly. Nor did I expect that within 3 months of leaving Beachbody, our team at the startup we had planned on building couldn’t get out of our own way.

And so it was that I did my version of stumbling into my consulting business. I wouldn’t have thought I would get to the position I am in today, essentially running a
one-man shop
. I love the fact that I get to work with clients directly, that they don’t have
to worry about who will be doing the work, who is on the calls, who will be responding to
emails. It’s me.

Along the way, I’ve proven time and time again that the results at Beachbody weren’t a fluke. Numerous companies I’ve worked with have grown in meaningful ways during and after our engagement – ButcherBox, Noom, Revolution Golf, Beachbody, Fanduel, GoodRx – to name a few. Their businesses haven’t just scaled. The teams are stronger, deeper and more strategic. They feel dramatically better about the data that informs their decisions. Their senior leadership (whether founders, CEO’s or CMO’s) have greater confidence in knowing they don’t have to be the ones doing and overseeing all of the work. That’s plain exhausting and isn’t the recipe for building a business and a brand over time.

It would be absurd to say that I have been the only reason that my clients have grown. Everything takes execution and collaboration. But as you can read from my clients (and certainly speak to any you might know), the work I do has very directly impacted their continued business success. If you think you might benefit from an engagement, I’d love for you to reach out. If I feel I can’t help, I will let you know. But if I can, hopefully we can work together and help your business grow even further.

A few more things
you might be interested
in knowing about me

  • I graduated from MIT with a degree in Mathematics and got my MBA from Stanford Business School
  • I live in Los Angeles with my wife and 2 sons
  • I’ve completed 2 Ironman triathlons, biked across the country when I was in college, and finished The 508 (a 508-mile bicycle race) in 43+ hours
  • I’ve been to over 40 countries – my favorite locations are Tibet, Namibia, and New Zealand
  • My parents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this year

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