What Others Say

What Others Say

During our time with Babak we 3X’d our business. No way that would have happened without him.

I highly recommend Babak (and have several times to elite organizations) to any company looking to expedite their growth. He felt like a core part of the team and treated as such. We flew him out for our quarterly offsites and annual celebratory trip abroad. Everyone loved him!

Mike Filbey
Co-Founder / Head of Marketing, ButcherBox

If you’re fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with Babak, take it before someone else does.

Our business is much more stable, predictable and understandable as a result of working with Babak. Babak was incredible in helping us “grow up” as we scaled up into the 8 figures, not settling for “good enough”, and pushing through until the job was done right.

Marc Stockman
Co-Founder/President, Metabolic Living

Babak’s experience both with offline and online media was an invaluable addition to the StitchFix team.

He helped us accelerate the time it took to launch our TV campaigns, in what became an important growth channel for the business. My experience with him was such that in the years since, I’ve recommended him to several marketers looking to grow their businesses.

Julie Bornstein
Former COO, Stitch Fix

Babak is a weapon.

Babak asks you the right questions that make you look at your business, question your assumptions and get really detailed about what you're doing, how you're doing it (and measuring it) and who's responsible for the result.

Robbie Rankin
Founder, Tried & True Media

Babak helped us scale a mature business even more to be able to have a nice exit.

He introduced us to various resources which we still use to this day. And he helped us focus in on building our customer LTV which would then allow us to responsibly invest more on customer acquisition.

Justin Tupper
CEO, Revolution Golf (acquired by The Golf Channel)

We have been fortunate to work directly with Babak for years

Babak is direct & collaborative, passionate about his perspective and recommendations that will help accelerate growth. In the case of a mutual client, the result has been unprecedented (and of course profitable) growth in TV spend across 100s of media properties. That is due to his acumen for numbers & how they tell a story that is actionable and performance-focused.

Scott Kowalchek
Founder/CEO, Direct Avenue

The analysis Babak provided has optimized our ad spend & decreased our CPAs by over 20%.

Babak began working with us as our growth was accelerating and paid media budgets were becoming significant. Babak built an LTV model to measure the success of our acquisition strategies; and he put a framework together to optimize our CPAs. He’s clear and thoughtful with his insights and extremely reliable.

Todd Meleney
Head of Marketing, NOBULL

Babak was instrumental in the early strategy and execution of our eCommerce business.

His approach is equal parts brand-based and data-driven analytics. He brings deep practical experience to help frame each decision we made along the way. Babak is fun to work with, results-oriented, and a trusted business partner.

Caith Chapman
GM, eCommerce & Consumer Products, Tastemade

Babak's wealth of experience acts as a shortcut for us.

Prior to Babak, we were assigning the same CAC & ROAS targets across each paid media channel. With his help we knew step-by-step how to assign targets based on the LTV of our various media channels. As a result, with multiple 6-figures a month in spend, we shifted spend from several channels and to the highest-performing ones, a fast ROI on our investment with Babak.

Wilson Hung
Director of Growth, Kettle & Fire

Babak is one of the most versatile marketers I have ever met.

He can work with any business function to produce strong marketing campaigns. He has worked with 1) our engineers & product managers to integrate marketing tools; 2) internal stakeholders & external creative agencies to create new TV spots; & 3) data & analytics to build attribution models. Babak's skillset & adaptability make him uniquely valuable for any company that is looking to scale rapidly.

Siv S.
VP, Consumer - Retention & Acquisition, GoodRx